Top 5 Moisturizing Essentials for Mature Women

Top 5 Moisturizing Essentials for Mature Women


Top 5 Moisturizing Essentials for Mature Women

As you get older, your skin may become less smooth.

At this time, moisturizing plus essence has become the desire of every mature woman.

The following editors specially recommend several good moisturizing essences for 30+ mature women.

So you can always have smooth skin.

  Dior (Dior) Hydro-Power Essence Serum Reference Price: 30ml / 520 yuan Product Introduction: Optimized concentration to enhance water transport effect.

Hydrodynamic Deep Serum is specially designed for hydration and promotes the transmission of deeper skin moisture.

Innovative smoothness turns into moisture, and the brakes absorb quickly and deeply.

  Comments from netizens: This essence is curry curry. It is completely burden-free and well absorbed.

  Estee Lauder Fresh Nutrient Essence Reference Price: 30ml / 560 yuan Product Introduction: One of the “Pomegranate Water” series, Estee Lauder Fresh Nutrient Essence, this new essence continuously updates the natural luster and vitality of the skin, creating a beautiful and playfulface.

Blended with multi-vitamins, minerals and high-efficiency fruit extracts to accelerate cell renewal and purify the skin, avoiding the turbidity of the skin’s elastic tissue and accelerating aging.

Daily use, the skin recharges energy and releases new radiance.

  Netizen comment: The moisture is between the miles and the water quality, there is a certain fluidity, the fragrance is close to the pomegranate water, I like it very much.

  CLARINS Clarins Moisturizing Essence Reference Price: 30ml / 560 yuan Product Description: Clarins Moisturizing Essence, through a unique water and oil separation active formula, make the essence of the essence more safe and stable, and light, fast and good absorption, more targeted to the skin4 major levels-sebum film, cuticle, epidermis and dermis are layer by layer, layer by layer store water, effectively introduce and store a large amount of water for the skin, repair the skin’s water retention ecosystem.

  Comments from users: Very good, very comfortable after use, moisturizing essence is better absorbed.

  Lancome LANCOME Moisture Soothing Essence Reference Price: 30ml / 620 yuan Product Description: Moisture Soothing Soothing Essence contains skin soothing factors, which can soothe the deep layers of the skin and restore the skin’s balance and achieve a soothing effect.

Its special pleasant scent and help skin reduce stress and restore skin balance.

  Netizen comment: I feel that the shell is smooth and shiny after coating.

  Chanel Chanel Moisturizing Essence Reference Price: 30ml / 670 yuan Product Introduction: Chanel first cooperated with “French Wind Tunnel Laboratory” to prove that HYDRAMAX + Moisturizing Moisturizing Series can effectively improve skin in extremely dry cabins or dry and cold mountainsThe moisture content keeps the skin from feeling dry and tight, and reproduces a healthy and smooth skin texture.

It has been confirmed by experiments that the skin moisturizing degree is increased by 80% when HYDRAMAX + moisturizing essence and cream are used together.

Chanel Labs newly applied the “multi-layered microcapsule delivery technology” to completely encapsulate the coastal drought-tolerant plant “Marine Fennel Extract” in a unique multilayered microcapsule particle. When it contacts the skin, the ultra-fine microcapsules penetrate deeplyThe skin instantly releases the moisturizing essence through time, and from the inside to the outside, it is more dense and continuously replenishes moisture, and the skin becomes supple and elastic.

  Comments from netizens: This moisturizing moisturizing serum has a sweet fragrance of peaches, which makes people full of joy throughout the use.