Spring fitness to prevent relapse

Spring fitness to prevent relapse

Spring fitness to prevent relapse

Scientific fitness can prevent disease experts from diagnosing the sudden cold and hot easily susceptible to the old and coexist in the spring. One of the major reasons for the recurrence of old diseases is the erratic weather in the spring.

Traditional Chinese medicine experts at Guang’anmen Chinese Medicine Hospital said that because spring is the season when the atmospheric circulation in East Asia transitions from winter circulation to summer circulation, the meeting of cold and warm air from the north to the south, the weather activity is intensified, the weather is most severe, it is sunny, rain, and cold and hot.
This erratic weather will definitely make it difficult for people to adapt at once, which will cause the human body’s physiological yin and yang disorders, so it is easy to make people’s old diseases relapse or aggravate.

  After a season of “cat winter”, people’s physique has declined more or less.

After suffering from the severe cold weather of a lifetime, the human body has already consumed the overlapped physical energy. Under the conditions of fluctuating weather, the human body has poor adaptability and resistance to the surrounding natural environment, so it is easy to causeRelapse or exacerbation of the old disease.

  It also lies in the paralysis of old diseases.

Not paying much attention to the “spring cover”, which caused the cold to hit the bones, causing the old disease to recur or worsen.

  Focus on the protection of 6 kinds of old diseases and the probability of major arthritis. Keep warm arthritis patients are very sensitive to weather changes. Spring temperature is high and low, wind and rain, and many patients with arthritis worsen their symptoms.

People with arthritis should pay attention to keeping the joints warm, especially the feet. If they are cold, they should soak their feet with hot water in time to promote blood circulation.

  The epidemiological survey of coronary heart disease attention health care shows that the peak period of myocardial infarction is in March and April every year.

Because the weather is erratic and cold and hot at this time, people with coronary heart disease are expected to get worse.

Therefore, don’t neglect the health of spring.

  Rheumatic heart disease is not exhausting. The disease is mainly caused by repeated attacks of rheumatic fever and heart attack.

Spring often relapses or worsens due to cold, sharpness, overwork, and upper respiratory infections.

Patients should strengthen physical exercise, avoid upper respiratory tract infections, eat more fresh vegetables, pay attention to cold, wind and warmth.

  Psychiatric medication on time statistics show that from March to May each year is the peak period of recurrence of mental illness, so folks have the expression “cauliflower yellow, idiots are busy”.

  Therefore, we should pay attention to scientific nursing, ensure adequate sleep, take medicine on time, and create a comfortable environment for patients.

  Nephritis Beware of Colds For patients with nephritis, colds not only have upper respiratory symptoms such as fever, runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, but also can easily cause recurrence of nephritis.

  In spring, dermatitis causes sunny youth to appear as freckles or brown spots; some women also show increased freckles or brown spots.
Aggravated, mostly due to allergies to UV rays in the spring sun.

Therefore, in the spring should be less sun, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, it is advisable not to eat shrimp and crabs that are prone to skin allergies.

  Timely countermeasure exercise can help restore “vitality” Spring health is more important to strengthen physical exercise, so that the physical “vitality” returns to the best state.

  Participating in physical exercise in spring, due to the constant contraction of muscles, the increase in energy consumption, the need for nutrients and a large supply of oxygen, so the heart beats faster, the breathing exercise deepens, the metabolism is strong, the cardiopulmonary function and muscle strength are gradually strengthened, and the overall health of the bodyObviously improved.

In addition, during spring exercise, the excitability of the cerebral cortex is increased, the working ability of the hypothalamus body temperature regulation center is enhanced, and the body can sensitively and accurately adjust the body temperature to adapt to the climatic changes in the spring.

People who insist on exercising in spring are full of energy, have sharp hands and feet, have agile movements, are not afraid of hot and cold, are not easy to fatigue, and have significantly improved work efficiency.

  [Intimate reminder]4 points for spring exercise. Prepare for activities. Preparations before exercise can increase the excitability of the central nervous system, enhance cardiopulmonary function, accelerate blood circulation, and avoid muscle strains and joint sprains.

  The nasal mucosa is rich in blood vessels, and the cavity is relatively curved, which has a heating and humidifying effect on the air.

Never open your mouth and pant, to avoid causing dry throat and sore throat.

  Pay attention to undressing. If you sweat after exercising, dry your sweat and put on clean underwear. Do not stand in the air outlet and let the cold wind blow, so as not to catch your body’s cold, cause disease, but affect your health.

  If you feel the weather is cold, you should wait for your body to exercise until it becomes slightly hot, and then reduce your clothes, so that your body is in a better comfortable state. As the saying goes, “spring cover autumn freeze” means this.It’s better to get insurance than take off.

  You should not sweat too much. The temperature rises in spring is relatively cold. Excessive sweating can easily expand your pores. The cold and humid air takes the opportunity to invade your body, and it is easy to expose your body to cold and cold, which can cause respiratory diseases.

Therefore, it’s almost as soon as you sweat, and you should dry your sweat immediately after the end of the exercise and put on clean clothes to prevent cold.