Women must know how to show weakness to their husbands

Women must know how to show weakness to their husbands

Women must know how to show weakness to their husbands

The famous Russian psychologist Karina Murtazarova once said that women have a lot of misunderstandings about men. For example, men should take the initiative; men like unspoken and outspoken women; the worse you treat men, the worseThe better for you.

  In fact, the opposite is true. After marriage, some young couples have gradually changed their appearance.

Because of a small matter, the couple was so noisy that what made the woman saddest was that her husband no longer loved him.

  Dr. Yuan Hong, Institute of Psychology, General Hospital of the Armed Police Force, reminded that no matter what character a woman is, she must show weakness at the right time in the family. This will move her husband and eliminate the gap.

Strong woman: put down and ask for foreign aid case 1.

Ya Jie’s marriage broke down within a year.

It turned out that Ya Jie’s marriage was broken because of a woman’s intervention.

Since the day she knew this fact, she has always maintained an attitude-rather than bend.

  But in the end Ya Jie got the man’s remorse: I’m sorry for you, I know you are strong, she is weaker than you, she needs me more than you.

What makes Yajie sad is that until she divorced, he didn’t know her. She was actually strong and fragile.

  Expert tips: Women are too strong, and being a man around them does not show their essence. Yajie is a good example.

  Although as an outsider, we cannot investigate who is right or wrong, but when she discovers the situation of her husband’s affair, Yajie’s patience and stubbornness, although “sane”, is not “smart”.

In fact, in the love scene, he refused to bow his head to the man, refused to take care of the man, etc. In addition to making himself bruised, he could only cry alone.

  In fact, she should take the initiative to ask a marriage expert in a timely manner, and under the guidance of the expert, show the weakest person in the most correct way and seek his understanding to save the marriage.

  Aggressive Woman: Go Home and Hurry to Change Roles Case 2

The beautiful Xiao Xue is a beautiful woman with a Ph.D., and the standard of blind dates at that time is not high-sincere, ambitious and motivated. In this way, she chose Xiao Zhang, a civil servant.

However, less than three years after the marriage, Xiaoxue looked down on Xiao Zhang more and more, peering at his peers and starting to buy a bungalow in a car, and Xiao Zhang would rather be content in the Confucius Tower, Xiao Xue would not fightCome and drop the pot.

  She would rather be away for business for a long time than to accompany her unmotivated husband, and eventually “broken” a fragile marriage.

Today, Xiao Zhang still lives a simple and ordinary life contentedly, and marries a gentle and agreeable wife.

But Xiao Xue, who was alone, did not know where he was wrong.

  Expert Tips: Women who are too smart and too independent will not make men feel warm and it is difficult to share romance with her.

It is recommended that aggressive women who are aggressive in type should quickly change roles at home, and learn to converge too aggressively and self-esteem in front of their lover.

The solution of the husband and wife must not rely on stubbornness, even if the husband’s practice is inappropriate, he can pretend to be confused.

  Therefore, the more successful a woman is, the more she must understand.

Fewer thoughts will make men easier.

  Naive Women: Smiling is the best umbrella case 3.

Xiaobai, who is already a wife and mother, now has more beautiful charm than before.

Speaking of marriage, Xiaobai, who couldn’t stop the happiness, said that in fact, there had been problems in the marriage life.

  In Xiaobai’s words, it is because he is “stupid” that he never loses his husband’s love.

When newly married Yaner, her husband naturally accompanied her more, which made her mother-in-law living together very dissatisfied.

So as long as the husband is not at home, the mother-in-law instructs Xiaobai to do this and that he is afraid that Xiaobai will rest. When his son returns home, the mother-in-law will start to work, tired and say that it hurts here, and that it is uncomfortableLet the son take care of her on the go.

She also went to her son to tell her daughter-in-law that she knew how to take care of her children and did not know how to honor the elderly.

  In the face of all this, Xiaobai never said a word. She smiled at her mother-in-law during the day, doing her housework with all her heart, but secretly crying in the arms of her husband at night.

In fact, how could a husband not know Xiao Bai’s suffering when he touched Xiao Bai’s rough hand.

  This is how Xiao Bai finally won the acceptance of her mother-in-law and her husband’s love.

  Expert tips: The best umbrella to prevent yourself from being hurt is to smile.

He can jump like a thunder, or misunderstand you. You must tolerate him with a pearl tolerant heart, always respond to changes, and always smile calmly. Then in the end, he only treasures you.
Women’s shame and good use of tears are definitely a magic weapon that makes men pity.
Crying silently is more touching to her husband than crying.

  In fact, the woman who said her husband was stupid was the happiest woman.

A happy marriage requires a woman to constantly adjust, and when the enthusiasm is hot, the sun is like a fire, which makes her lover unbearable;