Web chat, online dating, online marriage

Web chat, online dating, online marriage

Web chat, online dating, online marriage

For every web worm who has long been immersed in the Internet world, he may not be too unfamiliar with online chat, but different people have mixed opinions on online chat. Whether online chat is “boring” or “Talking “, this is really a matter of benevolence and wisdom.

  In fact, as far as I am concerned, I still have high expectations for online chat. I originally thought that the process of this chat should be very interesting. It may be that my psychological expectations are too high, or that I am too fussy at the same time.A cold machine chat, so when the Internet has become the protagonist of the emotional story around us, we have to re-examine the meaning of the existence of online chat.

  However, in my heart I still have to admit that I admire the person who invented Internet chat. He allows people who are far away from mountains and rivers to break through the barriers of time and space, and allows those decadent, wandering souls to find a sense of self-consolation.

I think that guy must be ugly and dare not show his true face, otherwise the master who is a bit out of control when he sees a girl, otherwise how can he invent this way of thinking?

  Web chat is now very popular, and even online marriage is commonplace, let alone online dating.

  All net worms have such feelings. In the virtual network world, they can bring us relaxation again, because most of the netizens are out of sight. We can abandon all the camouflages on our bodies as much as we are with each other.All rely on the soul to perceive each other. As for what you look like in real life, I don’t have to worry about it, and I don’t have to think about it. On the other side of the network, you are an unquestionable handsome man and girl. We have enough of each other.Confidence and charm to attract each other.

  This reminds me of like-minded people I met on the Internet. We often lament that the “big celebrities” on BBS are like a dog-tail grass standing on the wall. They are both affectionate and wanton in the fantasy kingdom.On the funny classmate Zhou Xingxing, he shouted indifferently: “Come on, baby!

bring it on.


“The young and devout hearts chased after each other, as if they were doing something smug, and when they looked back, they found that they were so stupid that they were so stupid!

This is the logic of reality. The truth is that simple and without any creativity, but we still have to love or kill.

  And I still linger in those old, yellowish, vulgar words, although the famous chants of Supreme Treasure and Bodhi are echoed from time to time in my brain: “Do I need a reason to love someone?

Don’t need it?

do you need?
Don’t need it?
“This is indeed a paradox: when we exhausted our energy and shouted for a vain relationship, we were actually trapped in a huge shadow of reality.

It was a temptation, but it was also a trap.

When we try to make the relationship between virtual and reality, it often already contains some utilitarian judgment of the value of reality.

And this has undoubtedly greatly reduced the charm of the virtual scene itself.

  No matter who it is, whether in the real or virtual network world, he (she) always expects a valuable judgment on the feelings he is trying to manage, just like a flower blooming, waiting for its results, ifThe flower withered halfway, it was always imperfect.

The same is true of the virtual emotional world. For a long time online dating, men and women with a stable relationship will also have the urge to enter the virtual marriage hall.

This is undeniable, but some people have put forward different opinions, saying that “spiritual betrayal is also betrayal.” This is considered from the perspective of the values of love and loyalty, but maybe they have replaced reality.It is two completely different worlds from the virtual world. We cannot move the virtual world into real life, just as we cannot move the real life into the virtual world.

I think the most ideal state in the network is that there is one “I” in the network and another “I” in real life. These should be two completely different roles. Do not replace them together.But no matter what “I” is, what should I know?

Don’t get lost easily.

  Some people say that love is a game, we spent the whole childhood playing games, and they may be the precursor to our adult games; others say that love is like a game of chess-strategically moving and resistingMoving, all steps are to keep you and your opponent in balance until you win.

So whether it’s online chat, online dating or online marriage is just a way of our existence on the Internet, a pace of chess, as for whether you are in online chat, online dating or online marriage, it can only be the whole chessPart, but the network is the network after all, it can never be the whole of our lives.

  Don’t let the virtual network mess up your actual chess game.