Thoughts on the Suicide of College Students

Thoughts on the Suicide of College Students

Thoughts on the Suicide of College Students

“A male student jumped off the building and died,” and a female graduate student jumped off the building. In general, college student suicide seems to have become a fashion rather than news. More and more college students have chosen this non-return road to deal with setbacks.

Although they are gone, the impact on families, schools, and society will not disappear with the demise of their lives.

Their indifference to life is deeply stabbing people’s hearts, and has caused countless thoughts: What causes these heavenly beauties to choose to escape by death?

What does their blood lesson featuring the end of life bring to us in addition to a sigh?

  Personal temperament types are divided into mucous, bile, depressive, and plethora, which is not what we can decide.

Let’s take depression patients and bile propionate as examples. The former is born with a lot of sentimentality, sensitivity and suspiciousness. Usually, it is unhappy, but generally does not take suicidal excessive behavior; and emotional excitement is easy to fluctuate.Calm, easy to go extreme.

  Lack of mental health knowledge.

Many students think it is shameful to have a mental illness, and people with mental disorders are often treated differently.

There is a psychological counseling room in the school, but because of fear of classmates’ discrimination, they dare not go to a psychologist for help.

They often choose to find close friends, and go to the consultation room when there is no way.

Some students can’t even take this step and embark on a dead end.

Poor family education Family education has a high degree of growth for a person. Because most families are only children and “Four-two-one” families are common, parents’ education of children is often child-centered, and everything is done well and ignored.It’s training on its ability to solve problems and problems: It has been reported that a large student was hungry because he didn’t know how to peel eggs. It can be seen that some families have spoiled their children.

Children who grew up in this kind of tutoring environment are accustomed to having someone do it for themselves. Serious reliance on their minds causes them to be overwhelmed when faced with problems, causing them to feel panic and even despair when they take care of them.

  Misunderstandings in school education Some schools are pursuing one-sidedly to improve the academic performance of students in order to increase their enrollment rates. Students who take exams and utilitarian education often have no self and no personality.

Such children are very indifferent. The heavy pressure of further education must be that they do not have an understanding of social survival and methods of doing things.

After waiting for the university to be selected after many exams, they found that this “ivory tower” was very different from what was imagined. They were confused about sudden ease, confused about complex interpersonal relationships, and had a little expectation and solution for their future.However, due to the lack of communication and communication skills, the pressure cannot be released, and the result of the concentration is to hurt themselves and end their lives.

  Some schools do not establish psychological files for students, have some understanding of the students’ mental health status, and cannot find students with psychological problems in time and give them key care.

Although psychological counseling courses and counseling rooms have been set up, they are all designed to cope with the inspection of superiors.

They start their work passively waiting for students to come to you for help instead of taking care of them.

The process of choosing suicide is a process of life and death conflict. “When any person chooses to commit suicide, there is always a part of his body’s strength that he wants to live.” If we can detect abnormalities of students early, pay attention to them, and provide timely guidance,There are many tragedies that can be avoided.