Nasal acne should be abstinent, and different parts of acne are different.

Nasal acne should be abstinent, and different parts of acne are different.

Nasal acne should be abstinent, and different parts of acne are different.

Our acne choices “grow and develop” in different parts of your body. In fact, they have their intentions. They are intended to tell you that some parts of your body are in poor condition.

If you turn a blind eye to these signals, your problem may worsen, and your condition will become worse and worse.

You need to know these signals.

Now, let ‘s take a look together: ● Brow bone health problem: Poor liver.

  Experts suggest: Regular work and rest, quit smoking and drinking.

  ● Nasal health: related to ovarian function, reproductive system, or stomach fire.

  Experts recommend that you go outdoors and breathe fresh air. Do not over-indulge or abstinence.

  ● Nose health problems: minor problems with the spine.

  Experts advise: pay attention to protect the spine in life, do not get cold, but also go to the hospital to do some rehabilitation physiotherapy.

  ● Nose health: stomach fire, digestive system abnormalities.

  Experts suggest that you can eat some mung bean porridge properly, which can eliminate stomach fire; food and water should be warm to avoid irritating the stomach.

  ● Temple health problems: Be careful, you eat too much processed food and cause gallbladder attachment.

  Expert advice: Hurry up for a body cleanup.

  ● Left stapes health problems: liver and gallbladder problems.

  Experts suggest: easy to fatigue, detoxification, poor digestive function, eat less greasy food, eat more fruits and vegetables.

  ● Right patella health problems: poor lung and large intestine condition, poor lung function, can reduce blood oxygen content.

  Experts recommend: eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables, such as water pears, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, thoroughly hangover, cough, and lungs.

  ● Forehead health problems: aroused anger, or problems in the small intestine.

You may have an irregular life, upside down day and night, and stay up all night, which will prevent the liver from working at normal time (10 o’clock at night?
12 o’clock, the toxins will build up.

  Experts suggest: You can drink lotus seed soup to get angry; you should try to control your temper and adjust your mindset; cultivate the habit of outdoor exercise for 20-30 minutes in the morning or evening.

  ● Peri-lip health issues: constipation, bowel fever, excessive fluoride toothpaste can also stimulate acne.

  Experts suggest: eat more high-fiber foods, do more abdominal massage, and improve constipation can improve the acne problem around the lips.

  ● Health problems in people: Problems with the urinary or reproductive system.

  Experts suggest: Keep drinking water and seek medical treatment if necessary.

  When you have time, let’s take a closer look at where your acne is, and see what they mean, so you can take the right medicine.